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Esuite Adds Online Account Manager

In celebration of Esuite's anniversary as the number one site on the Internet for marketing of office space with services, executive suites, virtual offices, and office business centers, we are pleased to announce our new online Account Manager, designed to enhance your user experience and give you total control over your listings on Esuite.

We thank so many of you for your help and contributions over the years and trust you are pleased with these results. We incorporated as many of your suggestions as possible with user enhancements and tools to give you access to your listing and account information.

You will be able to obtain your traffic (stat) reports, make changes to your listings, upload enhancements, such as picture, floor plans, map and/or virtual tour and expand your listings all online, all real time. And, yes, your changes are now free, unless you require assistance. A link to a discussion on Esuite's stat reports.

In addition, payments for listings can be made online, with discounts for annual payments, and options to pay monthly. We use an SSL along with secure servers connected to Authorize.net, one of the nation's top online payment systems, and we do not keep your credit card information on our servers.

We will provide email notice when your account is up for renewal. You simply log on using the user name and password provided below, making your payment choice online.

Reminders are sent 30 days prior to the annual renewal due date. Notices are not provided, if you select the monthly payment option. The monthly renewal is automatic. All multi-center accounts will have discount rates calculated automatically.

Credit card information should be kept current. Notices will be sent out prior to the expiration date, but not receiving a notice does not relieve your responsibility to maintain current account information. Listings on Esuite are automatically renewed and require cancellation through the Account Manager or by sending notice.

We have set up a secure SSL for access to your account. This ensures your security when using the payment windows and providing other proprietary information to your site. To access your account you will need a UserName and Password. Then, log on to the online Account Manager at https://www.executivesuitenetwork.org/basic/login.cfm and you will have access to all the referenced features.

To continue receiving the maximum benefit of our online marketing for your center through Esuite, account information should be updated on a regular basis. We also recommend that you change your password once you log on for security.

As your Internet Marketing Partner, Esuite.com is the largest single resource for marketing office space with services, executive suites, virtual offices and office business centers on the internet. Esuite as the largest dedicated search engine - with no user fees and a modest subscription of less than $25 a month (for an enhanced listing) assuring you of a prominent position on the web's premier listing service.

If you have a basic listing, now is the time to upgrade to the enhanced listing with all its advanced features and benefits - it's the best of the web!

For the first time, not only are you assured of placement on the number one web site on the internet providing you with a highly targeted audience, you are also provided with stat reports that furnish the actual number of page views for your listing. As an example, if you are advertising in the most prestigious real estate magazine in the world, with a full page four color ad and the magazine has a readership of "x thousands", it will still be next to impossible to determine how many people will actually view your ad. With our new tracking software, we can do just that.

We are excited to be able to provide this level of information to you online and on demand and we are very excited about the exposure your Center continues to receive through your listings with Esuite, so please log on and update your center information today!

We are working to bring your prospects to you and to continue to contribute to your success and are honored to serve as your "Internet Marketing Partner".

We appreciate your using Esuite and helping make us number one on the internet. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Come back and visit us soon!

Convenience, comfort, control of operating costs and a trained staff with a be-of-service attitude available today! That's an executive suite/office business centre or virtual office; and Esuite, in cooperation with its partners and affiliates, serve over 3,500 locations worldwide and are prepared to assist you with your occupancy requirements nearly anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us directly on our toll free number 1-800-889-3692 or email us at pgarner@esuite.co.uk.

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