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As "Your Internet Marketing Partner TM Esuite.co.uk is the largest single resource for marketing executive suites, office business centers and shared office space on the internet. As the largest dedicated search engine - with no user fees, no broker fees and no referral fees, the modest subscription of less than $25 a month assures you of a prominent position on the web's premier listing service. PLUS your site is visible to your prospects 24 hours a day!

Surveys show that most internet users are not interested in filling out forms. They are looking for information, not to wait for someone to get back to them. Listing on Esuite allows your prospects to obtain the information they need, when they need it and at their convenience, helping bring an enthusiastic prospect to your "door"!

Esuite.co.uk is a specially designed website for the marketing of executive suites worldwide. Esuite.co.uk is listed with major search engines around the globe to enable your customers/prospects to locate you from anywhere and learn the details about your center and services PLUS you are giving them an immediate point of contact 24 hours a day.

Esuite.co.uk has been serving the global community online since 1995 and is the web's oldest and largest resource for reliable information on executive suites and office business centres worldwide.

If you have a basic listing, now is the time to upgrade to the enhanced listing - with all its features and benefits, it's the best of the web!! Remember, the enhanced listing categories are prominently featured on every search at the beginning of the listings.


Select one of the tabs below to enter sign up. The Business Center Directory offers:

Basic Listing $89/year
Enhanced Listing $199/year
Web Site Link $49/year
Virtual Tour $25/ea/year
Virtual Office Listing $99/year
One time set up fee $25
Assisted changes $25 ea
Changes thru Account Manager No Charge

Listings and Services

Basic The basic listing provides your user with your Center's name, address, location, and phone number. Your center can be searched by city, state, zip code and country and is accessible to anyone using the internet. Zip code maps (very popular feature) are provided for the user to search by region.
Virtual Office Virtual Office Link only $99 per year - your subscription gives you a presence in this new expanding market. Your prospect will be able to link directly to your web site.
(See sample)

The enhanced listing delivers results to the user from the full range of search filters, including Metro Area (a popular favorite that enables you to have your center appear based on your metro area, not just your mailing address. This has proven invaluable by helping the new resident find you, along with helping the local residents find your location.)

Special icons denoting additional features for your center, such as video conferencing, high speed internet, Training Rooms, etc. appear adjacent to your listing.

Your enhanced listing includes:
Center/building/staff picture;
Detailed information about your center,
floor plans (if provided);
maps; location information;
Descriptions of services;
Links to your web site; and
Direct contact information
and Email Form
Additional Features Available
(reguires enhanced listing)
Link to your website
Display a virtual tour of your center

(Note: Enhanced listings precede the basic listings in detail results.)

Stats and User Sessions Explained

How to get a listing

Step 1: Sign Up. (Please note that payment for listing is required at time of registration.) Select the type of listing - basic or enhanced. (Enhanced listings precede the basic listings in search results.)

Step 2: Registration Form. Fill out the required information, and upload the features for your enhanced listing, such as photograph of your center, map, floor plan, and virtual tour.

Step 3: Online payment. Payment includes, listing, additional enhancements (such as link and/or virtual tour), and setup fee as shown above. (Multi-center discounts are calculated automatically based on number of centers.)

Step 4: Making changes to listing(s). You will be able to modify your listing at any time through the online Account Manager using the Username and Password you selected during registration. There are no charges for changes made through the Account Manager. There is a $25 fee for changes, should you require assistance.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. To process your credit card, you will be required to furnish the correct billing address for the credit card along with the code on the back of the card (or the front in the case of AmEx).

All payments are made in US dollars.

To ensure continuity of the site, all payments are non-refundable.

You may revise your account information and status at any time through the online Account Manager's secure access.

Listings on Esuite are automatically renewed and require cancellation through the Account Manager or by sending notice to info@esuite.co.uk 15 days prior to the renewal date. The accrued, unpaid balance of any bill which is not paid in full within 60 days from the date of invoice will be placed for collections. All accounts placed for collection will be promply reported to the credit bureau and reasonable collections costs, attorney fees and court costs will be added to the invoice.

Payments may be made by check prior to renewal date. If not received prior to renewal date, the credit card on file will be charged.

We use SSL and secure servers, and no credit card information is stored on our servers.

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