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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why fully serviced Office Space?
Q: What is an Executive Suite?
Q: What is an Office Business Center?
Q: What is a Virtual Office?
Q: What is "esuite"?
A: Esuite.co.uk is a worldwide search and listing service specially designed for the marketing of office space with services, executive suites, virtual offices and office business centers worldwide.
Q: Are there other terms in use to describe the same types of business model?
A: There are numerous terms, depending on what region you are in that are used. In Europe, the are often referred to as shared offices with business services, or business centres. In Australia, they are most commonly referred to simply as shared offices. Another International term is managed workspace.
Q: What are the advantages of listing on Esuite?

Esuite.com can be easily found and is listed with most of the major search engines around the world to enable your customers and prospects to locate you from anywhere and learn the details about your center and services and to have an immediate point of contact, at their convenience 24 hours a day. Esuite.com has been serving the global community online since 1995 and is the web's oldest and largest resource for reliable information on executive suites and office business centres worldwide.

There is also a certain prestige and advantage to being listed at a major site such as Esuite, because Esuite has an established reputation and is used as a valuable resource. Esuite is further enhanced because it offers no banner advertising -- something prospects have commented on repeatedly with much appreciation. And a major advantage is that of any form of advertising: exposure. Seeing your name, helps that prospect remember you, your location, your center information, even if they are not taking an office today!

Q: How does Esuite compare to web sites that charge fees based on e-leads?
A: Esuite is an interactive advertising medium, providing the user with more and more information, depending on their search requirements, with links, floor plans, virtual tours, maps, etc. and with Esuite's modest annual subscription fee, there is little comparison to the fees charged for e-leads, usually 10% of the value of the space agreement, representing a savings potential of many thousands of dollars each year.
Q: How do executive suites receive their leads from Esuite?
A: The leads are generated in many different forms: the telephone, email, or directly from the listing center's web site when the prospect uses the link from the Enhanced Listing Page. Because Esuite is a "page view" (like print advertising) the detail listing information has residual benefit. Prospects associate the name with the area or the center. Most of our prospects use the telephone to contact the centers directly, which makes tracking difficult, but it's the results that counts and our continued success demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach, since generally the prospects simply say "I found you on the internet!"
Q: Does Esuite offer tracking software?
A: Esuite has created an online Account Manager which provides stat reports for user activity for each listing.
Q: Are there any charges for using Esuite?
A: No. Esuite.co.uk has no user fees and no banner advertising.
Q: We have our own home page and are listed on the Internet, why should we list with "esuite"?
A: There are a number of ways that a site such as Esuite can be advantageous for you. Because it is a large site, it can be easier for your prospects to find. All they have to do is enter keywords, such as "executive suites" and they will find Esuite. From Esuite, your prospect can locate your center geographically, by center name, or by service feature, such as video conferencing or internet access. If they are experienced users and you have done the neccesary search engine optimization, they may find your individual listing on the web, but they may have to scroll through multiple listings and several pages first.
Q: Is the traffic on Esuite only from search engine results?
A: Esuite has established traffic even without search engines and is used by major companies, brokers, investors, and businesses worldwide.
Q: How do customers find "Esuite"?
A: By entering keywords such as "executive suites" in a search engine. This means that your prospect can find you immediately - using Esuite they can locate your center by city, metro area, state, or zip code, in addition to using your center name - and our search engine will do a search using a "partial name", in case they don't remember it exactly! We have also added zip code maps to allow them to search by area.
Q: What do you mean by an "enhanced listing"?
A: The enhanced listing is a "virtual web site" (sample listing) giving your prospects access to vital information about your center, that can help influence a decision. In addition, an email form linked to your email address connects you with your potential client directly from your page, and a link to your home web site is also available. The listing includes a photograph of your center along with detailed information about its location, special features and services, floor plans, amenities, pricing and size of offices, along with contact information and a location map showing directions to your center! You are also automatically listed in our technology search engine (advanced features) so your prospect can find you based on the technology of your center - T-1, high speed Internet Access, Videoconferencing and/or Training Room(s).
Q: How will my "enhanced" listing appear?

Your center name will be highlighted in blue as a hyperlink. Along side of your listing in the general directory will appear icons representing the types of technology your center features, depending on what you have selected:

Icon for Video Conferencing
Icon for Internet Access
Icon for Training Rooms
Icon for High Speed Internet

All the prospect has to do is click on the highlighted name, and they go to your enhanced listing. The blue hyperlink is similar to having a bolded color listing in a directory. The enhanced listing also provides detailed contact information in the general search results providing instant results for the user.

Q: Can I change the information about my web page?
A: You may make changes at any time using your web based online Account Manager. There is no charge for changes and you may access your account as often as you'd like.
Q: Can I track the effectiveness of advertising/listing on Esuite?
A: Yes. Our latest upgrade now provides the actual page views/user sessions information referred to as Stat reports through your online Account Manager. For the open letter to members detailing the upgrade, click here.
Q: Are there charges for listing on Esuite?
A: Yes, we charge a modest fee to help maintain the site and to help to continue to create new and better ways to market and serve the industry. Pricing information is available online or from your corporate office.
Q: How do we arrange for payment?
A: Payment is required at the time of submission. Once you complete your listing form, you will be taken automatically to the payment form and when completed, you will receive a link to your Account Manager. This is the web based online management system for your listing. Listings are renewed automatically. Should you elect not to renew, you must cancel your online listing through your account manager. You will be responsible for all charges until we receive notice of your cancellation. You may pay by check, but payment must be received prior to renewal, or your credit card will be charged.
Q: Who owns Esuite?
A: Esuite.com is owned by InterData Access Corporation, whose president is a former suite owner, and created the site in the early days of the public web for the benefit of the industry worldwide.

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