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Stat and User Session Tracking Software

We are pleased that the software tracking module for listings on Esuite has been completed. The challenge of presenting stats on the user sessions (various page views) for each listing, and giving the individual centers flexibility in using that information has now been achieved and implemented through the new online Account Manager.

Esuite does not use "click throughs" to measure its user sessions and does not require the user to register to view the listings. Surveys have shown that internet users want "near instant" access to information and though we do provide links from enhanced listings to other sites, we made the decision early on to be focused on "advertising" rather than requiring users to fill out forms before obtaining information, or of having prospects register with us so that we could document each lead.

Because our experience has shown and continues to show us that internet users demand information quickly, we want to respond to that demand for everyone's benefit.

We believe that this approach together with the value and extensive content available on the Esuite site has contributed to its continued top ranking in the search engines, for the overall benefit of the executive suite / office business center industry.

As an advertising medium, our sites generate leads that can come in many different forms to you: the telephone, email, or directly from your web site when the prospect uses the link from the Enhanced Listing Page, or even "remembering" that your center was the center they wanted to check out after seeing it in the listing.

For the first time, not only are you assured of placement on the number one web site on the internet providing you with a highly targeted audience, you also have stat reports that furnish the actual number of page views for your listing. This is comparable to knowing you are advertising in a prestigious magazine with a four color ad running, with a distribution of "x thousands of subscribers". But it is next to impossible to determine how many people will actually view your ad. With our new tracking software, we can do just that.

We are very excited to be able to produce this level of information available to you online and to continue to reflect our commitment to the industry.

We count it a privilege to serve as your "Internet Marketing Partner," and look forward to continuing to contribute to your success.

Pat Garner
InterData Access Corporation
Proud sponsors of Esuite.co.uk

Member of the Office Business Center Association International since 1991.

The stat reports breakdown the page views as follows:

First, the listing page view. This is provided in response to the user selection criteria with:

  • Center Name
  • Contact Name
  • Location of the Center
  • Complete Address, including zip code
  • Telephone and Fax numbers;and
  • Symbols denoting special features for the center, such as video conferencing, Internet Access, T-1's, Training Rooms.

shown as a hyperlink.

Secondly, the detail page view is the Enhanced Listing that is presented when the prospect clicks on the listing detail hyperlink. The detail page view provides the prospect with:

  • Your center/building picture
  • detailed information about your center complete with
  • floor plans (if made available),
  • maps
  • virtual tours
  • location information
  • center details such as
  • number of offices and sizes available,
  • price ranges
  • description of available services including special center amenities and options available
  • links to your web site; and
  • individual contact information with an email form for the user's convenience

And thirdly, the link click through is the actual link from the enhanced listing to your web site. Please note that it is only at this last point of entry that standard web tracking software reflects traffic from Esuite.

Executive suites are used successfully by most everyone from Fortune 500 companies, professionals in every trade, engineers, architects, manufacturers reps, to the entrepreneur and small to medium size businesses. All benefit by the administrative management and team support that helps maintain and grow their business, while affording them a comprehensive professional environment.

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