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Terms and Conditions

Listing of your Business Center(s) on Esuite.co.uk are subject to the current terms for paid advertising as stated in the Directory Listing Information http://www.esuite.co.uk/e_list.cfm. Should your center not be actively covered by a current paid subscription, then all leads generated to your listing are subject to the following terms and conditions, and those of the Disclaimer, which include a referral fee for any agreement entered into by direct or indirect referral from Esuite.co.uk.


1. LEAD CONTACT FORM - An Express Inquiry form (EI) is generated by the prospect submitting their contact information and type of service required. This form is sent directly to you with a copy to ESUITE.

2. YOUR FOLLOW UP - You agree to use your best efforts to contact the customer within 24 hours and no later than two (2) business days after receiving the EI.

4. NEW CLIENT CONFIRMATION - You agree to provide ESUITE with the details of your success with the prospect (start date, total rental value, and company name).

5. DUPLICATE LEAD CONTACT - Once you receive your EI, if it is a duplicate of an existing lead, you agree to notify us immediately upon receipt, or no later than 48 hours stating which company, and when you were furnished with the original lead.

6. REFERRAL PERIOD - You agree that any time during the 12 months following receipt of the referral, should prospect enter into an agreement with you, that the referral fee will apply to that transaction.

7. REFERRAL FEES - You agree to pay to IDAC the referral fee of 10% for the aggregate amount of charges for use of office space, conference rooms, team rooms or any other facilities, whether payment is on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, within 30 days after you enter into a space or facilities usage agreement with your customer. "Virtual" space fees for a mailing address, telephone answering services and/or conference room use, etc. shall also be included with a referral fee of 5%.

8. PAYMENT OF FEES - You agree that all invoices are due and payable upon receipt and that terms may be made available, for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual payments. Invoices are issued upon receipt of notice by you of successful client negotiation.

9. CLIENT BROKER FEES - In the event that a referred prospect is represented by a real estate broker, you agree to pay the client real estate broker the fee you ordinarily pay, and your referral fee to IDAC will be reduced by 50%.

10. CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP - You agree that in the event of a change of ownership of your center(s) [all or in part] that you will ensure the new owners are aware and agree to their obligation for future referral fee payments.

11. PRIVACY POLICY - You understand that any applicant that is introduced to you by IDAC is strictly for your use only and that you will only use the Express Inquiry information in relation to offering your Center and services and that you will not pass any information on to a third party, such as another agent/broker or another Business Center, without the prior approval of IDAC and the prospect. The relationships between all parties must be agreed upon by IDAC before the applicant details are passed through to a third party.

12. TERMS OF USE - You agree that this Agreement supplements the Disclaimer agreement set forth in the Esuite.co.uk web site.

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